Lihawu Male Mentoring Camp

In collaboration with The Ministry of Health and with support from CHAPS and USAID, Lihawu Male Mentoring Camp is a first of its kind in the region. Targeting out-of-school young men between the ages 15-29, KI offers a fun three-day camp, encouraging boys to grow into respectful, responsible and health conscious future leaders in Swaziland. Lihawu Camp uses a combination of traditional Bantu rite of passage ceremony and modern participatory and youth-friend approaches to promote the Swazi cultural heritage of Ubuntu, male responsibility and health service uptake.

These activities are delivered through KI’s experience of implementing comprehensive life skill courses for emajaha (unmarried young men) which encourage positive behaviour and responsible masculinity. Through a youth friendly multi-focused approach, emajaha discuss topics such as sex, sexuality, hygiene, self-respect, social responsibility, relationships and rights as well as healthcare. At the end of their journey Emajaha are offered a package of male healthcare services, including HTC and VMMC.