Ciniso Dlamini’s Carpentry Case Study.


Ciniso is one of Kwakha Indvodza’s emajaha from Mbuluzi chapter. Ciniso joined Kwakha Indvodza in 2013 and finished high school in 2015. He joined Kwakha Indvodza to be part of his fellow emajaha, to share and explore ideas as young men and what they, as young men, can do to achieve their goals. Kwakha Indvodza taught and proved to Ciniso that even if one does not do well and graduate in high school, they can still use their skills and talents to make a living and have an income to sustain them.

Personally, Ciniso joined Kwakha Indvodza to get assistance in his carpentry skills and business as it is his passion.

Ciniso fell in love with carpentry from a young age. One of his brother studied carpentry and growing up Ciniso would be his brother’s apprentice and appreciated the art that simple wood would produce. It was from then that Ciniso decided to also start a carpentry venture; he saw from his brother that carpentry is actually not too hard to do and he wanted to follow the same footsteps.

Ciniso has now a year of experience in carpentry as there are many kinds of carpentry. In May 2018, Ciniso went through carpentry training that took place in the Kwakha Indvodza Mahlanya chapter where emajaha were taught on how to use tools in carpentry and how to perform tasks and maximise output, regardless of limited tools. Ciniso and other emajaha were also taught on how to generate an income and use that income to procure more tools and material for carpentry.

In future, Ciniso envisions himself going through training in institutes like VOCTIM and obtaining a certificate in carpentry so he can start his own carpentry firm and build cabinets, fix kitchen counters and generate an income for him and his family.