Since 1978 Yarm School has gained significant notoriety for its academic successes in Northeast of England. However, it prides itself in offering students much more than a stellar education. Yarm focuses on equipping students with the tools and skills necessary to develop into community sensitive adults who contribute positively to society.

Against this backdrop, 33 Yarm rugby players, and 6 teachers and coaches journeyed to Swaziland to lend a helping hand to the Mbuluzi community through Kwakha Indvodza’s Mbuluzi Community Chapter. Located approximately 10km north of the capital city of Mbabane, Mbuluzi is home to the world famous Sibebe Rock, the 2nd largest exposed granite dome in the world.  A usual meet-up point for hikers, Mbuluzi is also home to Kwakha Indvodza’s second community Chapter as well as a public primary and a high school that are in constant need of assistance.

Thus, on August 1st 2017 Yarm School’s rugby players joined forces with Kwakha Indvodza’s emajaha (young men) to give these local schools a much needed facelift.  This larger team was divided into smaller groups and were delegated different tasks, from painting to fencing and construction work.

The day commenced with the repainting of the Primary School’s kitchen which KI constructed a few years ago as part of our community service programme.

The team also painted the High School’s classrooms, after which they erected a fence around the perimeter of the high school.

Under the direction of Mike from KI, the welding team reinstalled a new gate for Kwakha Indvodza’s Mbuluzi Chapter house. They also installed a new set of rails to which they welded the gate.

While the other teams were busy completing their assignments, a separate team was tasked with meal preparation. The cooking team consisted of ‘emajaha’ and Yarm students who presented a traditional Swazi menu of salad, meat, pap, spinach and traditional ‘emahewu’ (maize-based beverage).

After the food was prepared, the gate installed, fence erected and classes painted, everyone gathered around for a meal and a meet and greet session.

After lunch, everyone rested for half an hour before taking off to the mountains to conquer the famous Sibebe Rock. Small acts of kindness, of service to others, sometimes leave lasting marks on the people around us. The team spirit and connection between these two sets of young men, each with very different backgrounds, languages, interests and experiences of the world gives us hope that, through cooperation, tolerance and a willingness to meet new people, we can build a better world, even if it’s one stroke of a paint brush at a time.

Thank You Yarm!!!