No Kind Of Killing Is Justified!

Kwakha Indvodza, the foremost male mentoring organisation DOES NOT condone any vicious and violent killing of human beings, be it kind of male to female violence, female to male violence, female to female or male to male. Our mission is to mentor men and boys within a positive third space, inspiring respectful and responsible community members, whom will not resolve to take a life of another regardless of the situation. We have a dream of young men and boys who will take informed decisions, embrace their masculinity in a nontoxic way. A way in which that man will truly understand the aspects that make one a good man. Is a good man someone who hears rumours about his wife’s infidelity and plot a kill? We believe no.

We have an ongoing program with UNICEF Swaziland, where we engage men and boys as agents of change in creating gender equitable communities. According to the ‘National Study on the Drivers of Violence against Children in Swaziland’ (2016), some of the key drivers of violence that this programme addresses include normative attitudes towards children community code of silence around violence against children, peer pressure among adolescents, community myths around HIV and Sex, and the related risk and protective factors identified by the study such as drug and alcohol use, cultural practises, family secrets, quality of familial relationships, stress and anger management, unsupportive legislation and poor access to education and health services.

Unfortunately a young life with a bright future is now gone, a promising life has been taken. Our hearts goes to both families. We need to be better in a way that more young men will take informed decisions. This has highlighted that intergenerational relationships promote inequality between the two parties, which leads to gender based violence. We need to question ourselves, the child who is gone now isn’t just his biological mother and father’s child that is our child as a Swazi nation, our future. The future that quietly seeks mentorship, guidance and nurture. We need to raise our children as a nation, it takes more than a village.  We call upon all women, girls, men and Boys to stand up and speak against such cases.