Ryan Britch goes to the 9th IAS conference on HIV science

Swaziland being the highest with HIV prevalence, Peace Corps and Kwakha Indvodza’s Ryan Britch is attending the International Aids Society this year in Paris, France.

Ryan will be presenting on behalf of Swaziland and KI about the Lihawu Male Mentoring Camp on youth friendly methodologies such as: outdoor challenges, edutainment games, uses of art and cultural observances.

The IAS is the steward of the world’s two most prestigious HIV conferences – the International AIDS Conference and the IAS Conference on HIV Science, which is this year (2017) in Paris. These conferences have established a gold-standard meeting that convenes the world’s top scientists, civil society members and policymakers to jointly discuss the fight against HIV.

The IAS pursues and supports scientific advancements that positively alter the course of the HIV epidemic and promote greater understanding of these discoveries. The IAS pushes for the full spectrum of scientific achievement – from basic science to implementation research – and use the visibility of its meetings to highlight dynamic, innovative work.

In a brief interview, Ryan explained briefly, the IAS conference; “The annual IAS conference brings together the world’s top HIV/AIDS Professionals to allow them to collectively work towards eradicating the epidemic. Scientists, researchers, experts, practitioners, advocates, and community workers from around the world gather to share their experiences and successes in various fields.”

Ryan also shared how his attendance to IAS would be a benefit to himself and the country as a whole. he said “In addition to attending the conference, I was selected into the Youth Ambassadors Programme. This will be an amazing opportunity for me to learn and grow professionally. I will be a part of a team that will receive extra training in abstract writing, fundraising, advocacy and communications, which will allow me to strengthen my skills and be a more effective employee. I will also get a chance to meet with top-level scientists and researchers like Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of HIV, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi.”

He further mentioned “the 2017 IAS Conference will be focusing on improving our scientific knowledge and understanding of HIV. If you want to eradicate something that is negatively impacting society, I believe that is imperative that you acquire the necessary knowledge needed to comprehend the whole issue. Only once you truly grasp and understand the science behind something can you work towards fixing it.”

Our hearts at KI go with you, Ryan and good luck!!!