Our Story

The KI Story

The concept of a male mentoring organization in Eswatini (then Swaziland) came about after Tom Churchyard, a local teacher, found himself teaching an English class to 30 students of Lobamba Lomdzala High School in 2012. He was alarmed to discover that many of the young men in the class did not come into regular contact with another positive male influence. Often raised by elderly or female family members in their homes, these, and thousands of other young men like them are developing into adulthood without any reference point on how to behave as respectful, responsible men.

Eswatini has one of the youngest population demographics in the world, whilst the generation who should be there to guide them have been ravaged by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the region.

And so, in September 2012, Tom gathered together 18 mentors from different countries and walks of life and began to think about what could be done. After a weekend workshop and a pilot project launched the following week, Kwakha Indvodza was born, with a budget of under $1000 and mentoring just 27 young men.

We have been growing ever since.