Litfuba Ngelakho Project

Through our Litfuba Ngelakho Project, implemented in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union in Eswatini, Kwakha Indvodza offers a regular positive third space, away from home and school, which allows our participants (or emajaha) to interact in a male-only environment with each other and over 30 Kwakha Indvodza staff and volunteer mentors from all walks of life. Open every day, KI’s Community Chapter youth centers use games, gender-transformative dialogues and participatory behaviour change methods to encourage respectful and responsible masculinity and gender-equitable attitudes, especially in relation to youth SRHR services & violence prevention.

Fulfilling a crucial role within the community, our youth spaces offer young men a space of their own, away from school/work and their homes. Through a fun, inclusive curriculum of financial literacy, male health and social responsibility activities, KI creates resilient, healthy, gender-equal change-makers who will in turn mentor and grow women and other men in their communities.

Under this program, we currently operate three successful community chapters and we are looking to open a fourth, each able to reach 100 clients with our intensive behaviour change model. Our chapters are open every afternoon for homework help, health service referrals, counselling and educational relaxation such as movies, debates and discussion groups. We also offer crucial advice on a whole range of issues, answers to questions that adolescents might not ask elsewhere and life skills coaching through these sessions.