What We Do

Founded in 2012, Kwakha Indvodza (“Building a Man”) is Swaziland’s first male-focused youth project. Our program provides a unique mentoring experience aimed at vulnerable young men (aged 15 to 25) and structured around three core areas of adolescent male development:

By combining weekly activities with educational and community-based events, we are working to create a healthy, resilient and more equal generation of Swazi youth.

The cornerstone of our program is the safe space we provide for young men to interact with a variety of types of masculinity, as represented through a diverse team of mentors from the national and expatriate communities. Through this regular, positive, threat-free interaction, our participants are able to question unhealthy norms and behaviors associated with manhood and make informed decisions about their goals and aspirations for the future.

Within such a deeply-rooted patriarchy as Swaziland’s it is only through complimentary efforts of working with men and boys, as well as empowering women and girls, that true gender equality can be established, and Kwakha Indvodza is at the forefront of this struggle.

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