Kwakha Indvodza offers a tailor-made Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act (2018) Training package for corporates, schools, universities and other non-profit organizations.

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Understanding Gender Expectations and how they influences our decisions

A Kwakha Indvodza training for NGOs, Corporates and Government Departments.


Understanding Gender expectations and how they influences our decisions


At the request of several corporate partners and the Ministry of Health, Kwakha Indvodza’s team of expert facilitators and trainers have developed this custom-designed, fun staff training packages to suit your needs and budget. Kwakha Indvodza builds on its five years’ experience of fun, inclusive and participatory approaches to gender awareness trainings. Training is open to male and female employees and can directly addresses a specific issue within the workplace (i.e poor health-seeking behaviour, employee wellbeing, gender inequality) or can target a more general learning outcome.

Topics may include:

  • Gender and Sexuality Awareness
  • Unmasking Gender roles and expectations
  • Men, Masculinities and Making Good Decisions
  • Violence Awareness and Prevention
  • Stigma and Discrimination
  • Many other custom-built once-off or series of training.

Our training packages give employees the opportunity to explore the pressures, expectations and behavioural norms of their gender, and especially how they affect decision-making at home and in the workplace. Understanding these important influences on our lives is the first step to build a happier, healthier workforce, both during and after work hours.

Training is conducted in English or siSwati and no prior training or qualifications are necessary.


Example Training Package – 2 hours

  • Introductions and opening remarks from management (If needed).
  • Ice-breaker gender challenge
  • Introduction to gender roles, expectations and prejudice – activity
  • Toxic masculinity-The Man Box – video.
  • Discussion
  • Our Health and Our Home: Living and Working in the Man Box – group discussion.
  • Feedback and way forward.

KI Director, Tom Churchyard conducts training in Entebbe, Uganda in 2015.


KI will gladly quote you for a custom-built training package to suit your staff, needs and budget.

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A question from the floor during a Kwakha Indvodza-led training on gender awareness and its influence on decision-making.

Kwakha Indvodza’s Curriculum Development staff

T.D.R Churchyard (Executive Director)

Tom Churchyard (MPhil, Cantab.) is the Founder and Executive Director of Kwakha Indvodza, an innovative male mentoring organization based in Swaziland, having worked directly with youth all his life. He has spoken internationally on issues of youth engagement, gender and masculinity. He also is Chairman of the Board of Young Heroes, a HIV relief charity supporting over 1200 orphans.


Mzingaye Sibanda (Programmes Manager)

Mzingaye Sibanda (BA Hons) has spent the last 10 years working in HIV prevention and behaviour change interventions in the southern African region. An SBCC expert and life-long believer in community-based development, Mzingaye currently serves as Kwakha Indvodza’s Programmes Manager and is responsible for the successful implementation of all KI activities.